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London to America flight diverts because of drunk man arguing with girlfriend

A flight from London to Newark, New Jersey, was forced to divert because of an ‘intoxicated’ boyfriend arguing with his partner.

The flight was diverted to Bangor International Airport because of unruly passengers on Friday, airline officials said.

They will be banned from future flights while the matter is reviewed, the spokesperson said.

The two passengers, who police said appeared to be intoxicated, became disruptive and were removed from United Airlines Flight 883 upon landing late on Friday morning in Bangor, the spokesperson said.

The plane, which originally had 150 passengers, later completed its trip to New Jersey. The security threat level was classified as a Level 2, which indicates “heightened risks to safety.”

Bangor Police Department officers were among those greeting the Boeing 767 when it landed.

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Two passengers were removed and one of them was detained and charged with assault and interfering with a flight crew and assault, according to court documents.

An FBI statement indicated the passenger became combative after the flight crew intervened when he was loudly arguing with his girlfriend, and that the passenger continued to be combative and physically aggressive after being restrained with plastic “flex cuffs”.

The government requested that the passenger be held pending a detention hearing.

“United flight 883 landed in Bangor this morning after two passengers, who appeared intoxicated, became disruptive,” a spokesperson for the airline told PEOPLE. “Law enforcement officials removed the two passengers and the flight has already re-departed for Newark Liberty International Airport.”

The statement added, “The customers will be banned from future United flights while we review this matter.”

Sergeant Jason McAmbley, public information officer for the Bangor Police Department, told PEOPLE: “Two passengers were removed from the plane and CBP and FBI are handling the investigation.”

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